Who We Are

Gorilla Technology, a privately held company established in 2001, is a global leader in video intelligence and IoT technology. It supports a wide range of video-centric and content management applications for smart retail, enterprise surveillance, city security, and broadcast media.

With edge AI and IVAR technology, Gorilla applies its deep learning algorithms to enable automation of digital streams processing and comprehensive video analytics. This in turn creates value-added services for expanding businesses opportunities.

Gorilla’s Video IoT Platform also enables a range of robust cloud-based solutions for media management and content delivery to fulfill enterprise demands in industrial and commercial environments.

Our Advantage

Gorilla provides innovative solutions across business verticals with edge AI-based technology that unlocks the value of video insights and IoT data.

Key benefits

  • Edge AI Computing – Using a combination of machine learning and deep learning through customising MobileNet SSD, ResNet to provide various highly accurate analytics.
  • Intelligent Video Analytics – Multiple AI algorithms collaborate to deliver intelligent video analytics (IVA) transforming data into actionable, real-time insights with people, vehicle, and object identification capabilities.
  • Optimised & Accelerated – We implement Intel OpenVINO optimisation and CPU, VPU, & FPGA acceleration to enable edge devices to analyse more video feeds simultaneously in real time.

How does our solution work?

Data from devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, surveillance equipment, and many more are transmitted along with the time of collection to form an event.

Those events are then sent to Gorilla IVAR edge computing devices for pre-processing and then forwarded for analysis in public, private, or hybrid servers. Here, unstructured video and image data is transformed into structured data via deep learning.

Events are then stored in software defined storage and correlated and categorised for use in biometric authentication, account management, device management, business intelligence, and more.

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