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Why companies should have an AI business strategy in place

TV’s General Partner, Steve Schmidt, shares his thoughts on why and how companies need to develop a coherent and comprehensive business strategy around AI.

By Smart Company October 12, 2023

Why Investors Have to Appreciate the Diversity of AI

TV’s General Partner, Steve Schmidt, shares a glimpse at how quickly AI innovation is spreading and advancing and why VCs need to have an open mind about these applications, while working to identify the companies that are already using AI to generate value.

By insideBIGDATA September 25, 2023

With Funding Down, Startups Are Making Fewer Acquisitions

TV’s General Partner, Yash Patel, shares his thoughts on the current climate around startups making fewer acquisitions, and how they should still entertain those conversations as they may get some intelligence about the market.

By Crunchbase News September 20, 2023

How AI is fundamentally altering the business landscape

TV Managing Partner, Mark Sherman, dives into why forward-thinking companies are right to focus on AI now but also how they have to be cognizant of the risks along with the potential rewards.

By Venture Beat July 30, 2023