18 May 2021

New Episode of The Path – From Tech to Truth

Telstra Ventures

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From Tech to Truth – Building a Trust Economy


In this episode of The Path, Gup Ghuliani, Telstra Ventures’ Operations Partner, speaks with Andrew McLeod, C3O and co-founder of Certn. Hear how Andrew built a massively successful human risk intelligence solutions business to accelerate the ‘global trust economy.’


Andrew believes that trust is a two-way street and that breaking down barriers between employers and candidates gives businesses access to a global talent pool they would have otherwise been unable to reach. Andrew shares his journey of starting the company with two close friends, focusing on culture first, and scaling the company’s intense-but-fun work culture that he likens to his university rugby team.


Tune in to hear about what the trust economy entails and how it has become more relevant than ever at a time where in-person engagements are not always possible. Of course, Andrew also provides insights into how he approached friends and family first and identified mentors to help scale the business.


“We went through some really hard times and worked really hard. But man, we have a good time!”


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