Who We Are

UBTECH Robotics is a global leader in intelligent humanoid robots. The company’s interactive robots serve the public, accelerate STEM education for children and assist & entertain in the home. Integrating UBTECH robots into people’s daily lives enhances how they live, work, learn, and play.

UBTECH is pioneering a future populated by affordable and intuitive robots. Blending its clear vision with real products and the financial backing to ensure its longevity, UBTECH is the only company offering such a broad, open ecosystem of robot innovations, from entry-level consumer products, to educational tools, to advanced devices offering complex capabilities solving difficult challenges.

Key benefits

  • R&D: UBTECH sets up its own research institute and has close partnerships with top research institutions and universities including University of Sydney , Chinese Academy of Sciences, iFLYTEK, Tsinghua University and Harbin Institute of Technology.
  • Intellectual Property: UBTECH has the most intellectual patents in the humanoid service robotic industry, including invention patents, industrial design patents, practical patents etc.
  • Marketing & Sales: As the first high-tech enterprise focused on robotic services, UBTECH enjoys the advantage of market share and sales channel.
  • Supply Chains: UBTECH has its own manufacturing centre and healthy supply chains to ensure commercialisation and cost control.

Don't just take our word for it

The two reasons why we choose UBTECH as cooperation partner:

1. World leading technology advantage in humanoid robot industry;
2. Alpha Robot is highly compatible with Tencent's core users' demand.


How does our solution work?

The innovation of UBTECH is based on its breakthrough digital servo system, which is the core of humanoid robot. As a leader in commercialising Humanoid Robot Servos Motors, UBTECH can produce smooth, accurate life-like motion servos systems that can be easily integrated with connectors and character components. Our Robotic Servos Motors has a built-in MCU system, including servo-controlling system, planetary moderation system, and sensory feedback system. With the advancement of machine learning technology, sensor technology, and computer technology, we believe that intelligent, interactive, personalised, safe and affordable robots will be available in the near future to improve people’s lives.

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