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Subspace is a dedicated Internet for online multiplayer games. By prioritising, accelerating and protecting gaming data, Subspace significantly reduces lag and creates a seamless, uninterrupted experience for gamers, while increasing player retention, growing matchmaking pools, and maximizing revenue for studios and publishers. Subspace drastically improves latency times and network performance for gaming via a globally deployed infrastructure to hundreds of networks and a dedicated private backbone.

Custom network routing hardware built for accelerating games, combined with software that protects the integrity of the game, results in 99% improvement in network quality, 70% improved gameplay quality, and 50% improvement in latency.

Key benefits

50% improvement in latency – A vast system of Internet quality metrics and a proprietary algorithm to direct game traffic is utilised on our platform, across the public and our Internet to and from the game servers.

99% improvement in network quality – Purpose built Pops are deployed in data centres around the world capable of handling millions of game servers, simultaneous game sessions, all of the game traffic required and absorbing DDOS attacks.

Protection of game integrity – The platform leverages our global infrastructure to deflect DDoS attacks against game servers at the edge.

Don't just take our word for it

After launching the platform in the Middle East, we converted a previously untapped market into the highest performing region. For the first time ever, pro teams from this region qualified in the top tiers at esports tournament introducing an entirely new group of competitive players to the world.

How does our solution work?

We have partnered with ISPs to deploy infrastructure to hundreds of networks around the world to drastically improve latency and network performance We prioritise high speed multiplayer gaming data to dramatically improve performance, across any platform (console, mobile, PC) keeping players fully engaged.

Subspace also offers flexibility allowing you to send traffic to scrub and protect game integrity or send on-par traffic over the regular Internet. Both options always beat the internet congestion for optimal performance. Installation requires little effort from your development team with minimal integration time in as quickly as a few hours.

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