Who We Are

Qiniu Cloud is a leading enterprise cloud service provider in China. It is committed to driving social industry development with cloud technology, and it focuses on the cloud computing industry with data intelligence and visual intelligence as its core.

Through massive data and rich media scenarios across industries, Qiniu Cloud launched the intelligent video cloud integrated with CDN, object storage, cloud host, big data, content recognition platform and other product portfolios, all of which provide comprehensive cloud computing service for users.

More than one million enterprise-level clients are using Qiniu cloud to provide services for 80% of the Internet users nationwide.

Key benefits

  • Over 99.99999% data reliability for object storage and software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that support at least 11 programming languages.
  • A data processing platform that offers rich online data transaction and processing ability, including image editing, video transcoding and content extractions from images or video-based computer vision technology.
  • A video broadcasting platform that offers a spectrum of video broadcasting solutions, including social, gaming, camera monitor, online education, live shows, VR, and broadcasting
  • Fusion content delivery network (CDN) acceleration offering more than 1000 accelerate nodes, in China and overseas, and covering many telecom operators.

Don't just take our word for it

Meilapp has long used Qiniu’s image services. We selected Qiniu based on several considerations: 1) Best service reliability and availability, 2) Complete and easy-to-use API and 3) Technical support.


Qyer’s web and mobile app use Qiniu who maintained service quality, offered solutions to real scenarios, provided powerful support for Qyer’s product experience and business development.


How does our solution work?

Qinui provides several solutions:

  • Storage in Private Cloud – enables enterprises to build independent storage systems providing high reliability, strong security, low costs and scalability.
  • Unstructured Data Management Platform –providing high availability, high concurrent reading and writing and linear expansion.
  • Short Video Solution – providing powerful capability in the cloud including quick upload, transcoding, storage and distribution.
  • Smart Device and IOT solutions- provides smart device manufacturers with stable and reliable technology services.
  • New Media Industry -provides a content management platform for mass data storage and acceleration.
  • Internet and Mobile Internet Solutions – including online education, tourism, O2O, e-commerce, social contact, and entertainment.
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