Who We Are

LambdaTest is a cloud testing infrastructure company. Customers can run both manual and automated tests on their websites and web apps across 2000+ different browsers, browser versions and operating system environments.

The LambdaTest platform has been used to perform over 20 million tests in three years and is now being used by over 500,000 users in 132 different countries.

Our Advantage

LambdaTest exists to support the developer community to identify defects in code much earlier in the release cycle.

These defects present one of the biggest challenges and costs facing businesses. The cost of fixing these defects once in production and release is 30x higher than addressing earlier in the development cycle.

LambdaTest helps companies that are embracing modern cloud native architectures at scale and those that use devops, micro-services, and CICD pipelines to increase automation, improve code quality and drive more innovation through faster code release cycles.

Don't just take our word for it

[LambdaTest] allowed us to tackle problems we didn’t even know existed. Neat tool.” LambdaTest customer.

LambdaTest customer

How does our solution work?

The proliferation of mobile devices and web browsers has made it harder for developers to test their websites and apps.

LambdaTest solves this problem by enabling developers to run a variety of tests through its cloud-based platform.

By using the platform, customers can spotlight concerns and share immediately with teams so that issues can be solved quickly.

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