Who We Are

Fintell is a one-stop high-end fintech company that provides intelligent risk management decisions and systematic solutions for banks and other licensed financial institutions, based on win-win partnerships with superior products and services. We take advantage of big data, AI applications, and data modelling to empower licensed financial institutions. As financial regulations in China mature, licensed financial institutions are now required to develop fully in-house systems for risk control for their online lending business, without being able to outsource their operations wholesale. Fintell can provide the expertise and support required during this transformation of traditional offline lending to online lending business models.

Key benefits

  • Resources: With data for 1.2 billion active mobile devices, Fintell utilises various data types such as e-commerce, location based services, payments, and apps in its products and services.
  • Technology: Industry leading and unique modelling ability, is sophisticated in accurately applying machine learning technology on big data across variables with proven differentiating power, scenarios, business types, and consumer groups.
  • Team: Hailing from various multinational financial institutions, and having risk control experience across the complete business cycle, our team comes together to provide data, technology and financial business understanding solutions that stand the test of time.

How does our solution work?

Fintell’s intelligent risk management decision and systematic solutions provide:

  • Standardised products: For both consumers and SMEs to quickly assess user credit risk along standard risk parameters
  • Customised modelling: Provide assistance to financial institutions in improving their risk modelling and modelling for credit, anti-fraud, and collections
  • Self-contained credit platforms: Empower financial institutions to build out their independent risk management for online lending from “Zero to One”
  • Customised credit platforms: Increase process efficiency for financial institutions including credit underwriting, anti-fraud, and digital customer acquisition
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