Who we are

Anomali arms security teams with highly optimised threat intelligence, powered by machine learning. Anomali arms security teams with the cyber threat intelligence necessary to identify and prioritise critical threats to your organisation. Organisations rely on the Anomali Threat Platform to detect threats, understand the adversary, and respond effectively.

Our Advantage

Anomali can share threats across organisations and enterprises. Their threat intelligence sharing platform is powered by Machine Learning (ML) and can cross reference day zero threats. Anomali offers a Security Operations Centre support tool to feed in information from your systems then ML will categorise that and based on the entire community it identifies the threat and shares this back with the community. It also allows customers to set up sharing circles of trust.

What people are saying?

It is challenging for customers to identify threats, and improve their cyber defence capabilities…

We sought out Anomali to help organisations in South Africa.

Martyn Healy, Director
Blue Turtle

How does our solution work?

Anomali helps organisations stay ahead with a proactive security posture. Anomali arms security teams with the cyber threat intelligence to identify and prioritise critical threats.

  • Collect intelligence from, OSINT, STIX/TAXII, ISAC
  • Evaluate/purchase intelligence feeds via Anomali APP Store
  • Apply ML optimised threat intelligence and reduce false positives
  • Normalise disparate sources/enrich with threat context
  • Analysts get decision advantage and situational awareness

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