We invest in what’s next, right now.

Our global sphere of knowledge drives our investment thesis across all industries. We serve on the boards on some of the most innovative technology companies in the world.

We see global trends as they are emerging. We combine this knowledge with data, lots of data, to know where the world is heading during the next seven-to-ten-years.

Team SoloMid

We partner withthe extraordinary

We’ve developed a world class reputation for identifying, investing, and serving extraordinary entrepreneurs. We don’t meddle in their business. When asked, we deliver critical thinking that leads to scale and hypergrowth.

We go beyond the investment

Our difference is tangible

We drive strategic growth, shorten the time to reach global scale, facilitate introductions, but we don’t stop there. We stick with it until the ink is dried. We drive revenue, recruit, and introduce future investors. But of course we would say that. Hear what our portfolio companies have to say.

From the early days before we had a presence in Australia and now expanding into New Zealand, they've sponsored us into events, helping us build the pipeline and work side by side to help close – a VC that’s a true sales partner.

Fred Kneip CyberGRX, CEO

Filming an episode of The Path was great fun and helped extend our reach and recognition. A pleasant outcome seeing new interest in our business and potential pipeline.

Andrew McLeod Certn, CEO

It has been a wonderful relationship, we appreciate the partnership with Telstra. They have been with us from the early days and we have learnt a lot from them. They have helped us to enhance our product and give us new ideas.

George Kurtz CrowdStrike, Co-Founder & CEO

Telstra Ventures is one of the most professional and committed venture investors in China that comes with deep understanding on local practices. Moreover, they have dedicated international resources to develop our business together!

Lawrence Lee Co-Founder & CEO, Algoblu

Our own experience as a Telstra Ventures portfolio company has proven the Strategic Venture Capital model to be a very capital efficient way to build our brand and scale our revenues.

Jeromy Wells Whispir, CEO

Partnering with Telstra Ventures was incredibly instrumental for our international expansion, especially as we launched in Australia. They’re been an amazing group to work with and I highly recommend them when looking for strategic growth support.

Aaron Levie Box, CEO

Telstra Ventures has gone beyond the traditional support and has put their own additional investment in PR, events, and customer trials to accelerate opportunities across Australia and in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore!

Anil Matthews Near, CEO

We appreciate Telstra Ventures’ relationship with us. They are very entrepreneur friendly and willing to find the best path together with their experiences and networks. They are savvy in enterprise business and technology, a true Venture Capital in China.

Shiwei Xu Co-founder & CEO, Qiniu

The Telstra Ventures RBR team and their partners are on the ground, side by side, helping us to find and land customers. It's very unique and a big win for us!

Paul Flanagan CEO, Nusani

We drive real value to our portfolio.

Through our Revenue Bearing Relationships, we have driven $355M in revenue to more than 40% of our portfolio companies. Technology buyers around the world trust our cohesive vision of the future. They come to us to identify emerging solutions that can give their businesses a competitive advantage.

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