Yash Patel

General Partner

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One thing that is prominent in both Yash’s personal and professional life is sports. For Telstra Ventures, that means leading consumer investing efforts with a focus on esports and gaming, in addition to social media, ecommerce, marketplace and SaaS apps.

Outside of work, that means being a die-hard Golden State Warrior fan, running, pickup hoops, and spending time with his beloved wife, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever dogs.

A proud SF bay area native, Yash did his undergraduate degree in the UK at University College London, molding his perspective on the world and his love of travel, culture, and languages.

He’s sourced and led investments for some big stars, namely Snap, Skillz, Bigcommerce and Mobile Premier League, but there is one star he’s still dying to rub elbows with — his all-time favorite Warrior, Antawn Jamison.

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