31 Mar 2021

The Role Of Venture Capital In This Chinese Credit Company’s Rapid Growth

Telstra Ventures

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Want to attract the right investors? Tune into this episode of The Path

Telstra Ventures’ Operations Partner Gurpreet (Gup) Ghuliani chats to entrepreneurs about what it takes to grow a fintech business faster than any competitor by delighting customers with continual and evolutionary change, how to find the right kind of investors.

In our latest episode of The Path, Gup interviews Jing Wang, Chairman, and CEO of FinTell Services, one of China’s top fintech services businesses. FinTell provides customers with advice and systems to help adapt to the digital world, deploy end-to-end fintech solutions, and manage digital risk.  Or as Gup calls FinTell – the Apple of China.

Jing walks us through how to attract the right type of funding, align vision and passion with investors, and strike a balance between securing funding and growing your business with like-minded people.

Tune in to watch Jing’s journey through different funding rounds and how he pivoted the company from a push model to a pull one—now promoting an open dialogue with customers around the solutions his business can provide.

Watch the 15-minute video here.