Gorilla Who we are Gorilla has three key offerings, as detailed below: Smart Enterprise (Security and safety service) Monitor building access points with minimal human staffing, improve the safety of your customers and employees, and strengthen the security of physical assets with Gorilla’s intelligent video… Read More


InstartLogic Who we are Instart is a platform designed to make the delivery of websites and applications fast, secure and easy. It’s the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution. Instart’s intelligent architecture provides a new way to accelerate web and mobile application performance, based on… Read More


Kony Who we are Kony is a multi-edge enterprise application platform that allows you to deliver rich mobile apps to your customers or employees – quickly and easily. ‘Write once, run everywhere’ technology makes deployment a breeze. With Kony, you can design, build, deploy and… Read More


Qiniu Who we are Qiniu Information Technology is one of China’s leading enterprise-class cloud service providers of data-centric, scenario-based public and private PaaS services. In addition, Qiniu’s multimedia solutions include an object storage platform, fusion content delivery network acceleration, general data processing, live broadcasting, computer… Read More