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Zimperium is an award-winning mobile threat protection solution, providing your business with continuous, real-time threat protection from device, network and application attacks.

With Zimperium, you can protect your devices and apps against known and unknown mobile cyberattacks, helping you to boost mobile productivity, while safeguarding employee and customer data. Zimperium’s disruptive, on-device detection engine uses patented, machine learning algorithms to protect against the broadest array of mobile attacks.

In addition, Telstra and other carrier clients are using Zimperium for disruptive use cases such as Business-to-Employee application securisation as well as a value-added security service as part of their customers’ mobile plans – helping to generate new forms of revenue.

Our Advantage

Zimperium provides a single platform to protect:

  • Any sensitive information that can be accessed through a mobile device
  • Devices that get connected to the corporate Wi-Fi network
  • Traveling executives and employees who access unsecured public Wi-Fi networks at the airport, hotels, and coffee shops to keep their data usage low
  • Employees who want to protect their personal information along with corporate information
  • Enterprises that allow third party vendors and partners to connect to their systems through their devices
  • Devices of the ExCo and board members who are susceptible to ‘targeted attacks
  • Enterprises that have their own apps, which are either consumer facing or internal apps that are accessed by employees

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