Who we are

Whispir is a conversation platform for business-critical communications. Simply plug your existing channels and business systems into the platform, and this cloud-based software can help you manage your internal and external communications with agility, efficiency and impact.

And it’s much more than a messaging platform – Whispir is all about conversation. Whispir provides a truly two-way, multichannel platform that can be used to add value to sales and customer interactions, IT crisis management automation, the automation of process workflows and much more.

Using fully customisable messaging templates and pre-defined distribution lists, you can send targeted messages or high volume communications simultaneously via multiple channels to targeted stakeholders including employees, customers or distributors.

Our Advantage

New revenue streams

Provide new services that leverage the latest in multi-channel communications technologies. Personalised, relevant, location-aware communications allow you to target and optimise messaging to reach the right audience.

Increased productivity

Eliminate point solutions, enhance processes, and streamline communications with your staff, customers and stakeholders. See what’s happening in real time, bring people together with one-click teleconferencing and easily coordinate team responses across multiple devices and locations.

Exceptional service

Via game-changing strategies that enhance engagement and increase customer satisfaction. Shareable collaborative workspaces allow your people to work more efficiently with partners, vendors and agencies.

Improved IT and Service Management

Automate the process of IT crisis management, business continuity planning and service management delivery with near-real time communication across multiple channels.

Our Partnership

Whispir is in action at Telstra in a number of areas, and is proving enormously valuable – improving how teams work, and also helping Telstra reach customers in new and more effective ways.

How does our solution work?

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