Who We Are

Whispir is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) communications workflow platform that automates interactions between organisations and people for business-critical communications. It helps organisations from large corporations to small startups eradicate communication inefficiencies and redundancies empowering staff and clients to connect in new and productive ways and bridges the communications gap between devices, systems, businesses, and people.

Whispir leverages cutting edge technology to enhance communications channels like email, text and voice messaging, WhatsApp, social media, and webchat, together in one centralised space. The platform easily integrates with pre-existing IT systems, enabling organisations to modernise legacy systems.

Our Advantage

Whispir provides the following benefits:

  • Automate: Design entire communication process quickly with the visual workflow builder. You can automate workflows to send messages to the right people, at the right time.
  • Personalise: Create multi-channel messages with drag-and-drop templates to manage approvals and test messages easily.
  • Connect: Leverage communication channels that contacts prefer to achieve genuine engagement.
  • Engage: Target contacts by sending communications with dynamic distribution lists.
  • Connect Systems: Whispir’s platform powers connections unifying sources, providing a single source of truth within a single communications.
  • Support: Whispir provides deep industry knowledge, experience, learnings and best practices.

Don't just take our word for it

Alert Logic are a cyber security company and Whispir customer since 2015, using the power of our platform to automate workflows that triage and escalate their incident communications.

Whispir implemented an emergency communications platform, targeting specific audiences in specific parts of the city for the Cairns Regional Council. Following the implementation, a measurement of success and opportunities to follow up improved. Moreover, Cairns Regional Council reduced paper waste and money spent on printing.

Our Partnership

Whispir is in action at Telstra in several areas and is proving enormously valuable, improving how teams work, and also helping Telstra reach customers in new and more effective ways. With Whispir, managing complex communications is far more simple and streamlined. For example, in a relatively recent hostage emergency, Whispir was used to swiftly locate and communicate the situation to all staff. Telstra is also replacing traditional marketing eDMs with Whispir so we can personalise the content. Analytics from the platform allows Whispir to fine-tune and enhance the effectiveness of follow- on campaigns.

How does our solution work?

Simply plug your existing channels and business systems into the platform, and this cloud-based software can help you manage your internal and external communications with agility, efficiency, and impact. Whispir is all about conversation. Whispir provides a truly two-way, multichannel platform that can be used to add value to sales and customer interactions, IT crisis management automation, the automation of process workflows and more. Using fully customisable messaging templates and pre-defined distribution lists, you can send targeted messages or high-volume communications simultaneously via multiple channels to targeted stakeholders including employees, customers, or distributors. To find out more click here.

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