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vArmour helps you protect against data centre security challenges with the industry’s first Distributed Security System (DSS) that provides insight and control for virtual and cloud environments. With its patented software, vArmour micro-segments each application by wrapping protection around every workload – increasing visibility, security and operational efficiency.

Our Advantage

The increase in the number of connected devices and applications, and the use of mobile, is driving unprecedented changes in data centre technology. At the same time, cyber attacks are becoming more damaging and expensive, and organisations are faced with a real cyber security skills shortage and pressure to get more out of security budgets and resources.

As more and more organisations move to virtual data centre and multi-cloud environments in this dangerous threat climate, they are also faced with many new security challenges, including improving visibility inside data centres and clouds, reducing the attack surface, and maintaining regulatory compliance standards.

Traditional perimeter security solutions are not designed for these challenges, and organisations need a new way to protect their data centres and clouds from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and laterally moving attackers. Secure micro-segmentation offers a solution – using software to provide granular isolation and control of individual workloads on each hypervisor. Secure micro-segmentation also includes advanced policies with security analytics and threat detection to provide a complete microsegmentation solution for security purposes.

What people are saying?

Watch Jon Russell, SVP and CIO at John Muir Health (www.johnmuirhealth.com) explain how vArmour is helping him and his team protect their patients’ sensitive healthcare information.

How does our solution work?

Secure micro-segmentation replaces coarse-grained network segmentation providing granular isolation and control for each workload in virtualised data centre and cloud environments.

Wrapping each workload with security controls and monitoring, operators can detect and react to potential threats as unusual activity is detected. The vArmour solution prevents and limits the lateral spread of attacks within virtualised data centre and cloud environments.

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