Who We Are

vArmour is the leading provider of Application Relationship Management. Enterprises around the world rely on vArmour to control operational and cyber risk, increase application resiliency and secure hybrid clouds — all while leveraging the technology, they already own without adding costly new agents or infrastructure.

Only vArmour can deliver enterprise wide application relationship management through its Application Controller solution. You can map relationships across your entire dynamic enterprise in one view. vArmour takes native telemetry from all apps and transforms that into a single picture, giving you insights into application and risk and lets you share them with others.

Our Advantage

For any infrastructure, VMware NSX, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cisco ACI, Tanium, and more, only vArmour lets you visualize and control relationships across any platform enterprise wide. vArmour is architected for scale but built for simplicity.

Key benefits

  • Continuous discovery and monitoring of application behaviours through machine learning delivers a dynamic understanding of operational risk, dependencies and automated assessment of connected risk.
  • Increase Application Resiliency through intuitively visualising risk and incident blast radius in a single view across every environment.
  • Accelerate secure adoption of hybrid cloud through faster migrations and automation of cloud-native security controls.

Don't just take our word for it

Todays enterprises are a complex mix of public and private clouds. SDNs, endpoints and other type of disparate infrastructure. Organisations need an application relationship management solution such as vArmour for consistent visibility and control of application relationships across the dynamic enterprise.

Doug Cahill Vice President & Group Director, CyberSecurity

How does our solution work?

With vArmour, your organisation can:

  • Continuously discover and visualize applications – Applications are a complex blend of new and old. vArmour makes it easy to understand and search complex application relationships across any environment—from cloud-native to mainframes.
  • Automate policy creation and governance – Applications are dynamic, with constantly changing behaviours. vArmour automatically builds application baselines and security policies, letting you know instantly when an application violates policy.
  • Isolate and control applications – Rapidly reduce your application attack surface by using the infrastructure you already own to isolate applications. vArmour orchestrates consistent enforcement of security policies across public cloud, private cloud, and legacy.

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