Who we are

Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that delivers granular mobile attribution, marketing data aggregation, powerful reporting, workflow automation and creative analysis solutions – all in a single application. This gives marketers access to data granularity and a competitive advantage by allowing them to rationalise their marketing activity to ROI. Getting started with Singular also does not require a software development kit (SDK).

Since its inception in 2014, Singular has tracked and analysed more than $3 billion in digital marketing spend across industries including commerce, travel, gaming, entertainment and on-demand services.

Our Advantage

Granular Mobile Attribution – Trace a customer’s journey across every mobile touchpoint, from impression to in-app events. Access channel, geo, campaign, sub-campaign, creative and sub-publisher level data for precise and actionable insights.

Marketing Data Aggregation – Consolidate cost and conversion tracking data from any marketing partner in near real-time. Access ROI quickly and reliably from over 600 pre-integrated ad networks, analytics systems and marketing platforms.

Powerful Reporting – Leverage one of the industry’s most powerful, granular and customisable marketing dashboards. Compare and analyse all ad performance – across different channels, campaigns and
countries – in one place.

Workflow Automation – Configure custom alerts and trigger actions on marketing data to help protect against missed targets when budget and performance metrics go above or below pre-set thresholds.

Creative Analysis – Get a unified view of all creative data. Singular’s pixel-matching technology allows organisations to easily see full-funnel metrics at the creative level (e.g. impressions, cost, revenue, ROI or any other KPI selected)

Goals and Forecasting – Define marketing goals based on key metrics and track them live alongside KPIs. Receive forecasts to report future trends and protect against missed targets and overspending.

What people are saying?

The growth marketing department… operat(es) at scale, we have to overcome very complex data challenges. Singular solved complexities, by unifying and attributing data to analyse ROI.

Ran Makavy, VP Growth

Marketing infrastructure is important to support our marketing. We needed a solution to access all our data to make informed decisions, and Singular empowers this.

Chris Akhavan, CRO

How does our solution work?

Singular collects data across the customer journey and assembles it into a full end-to-end funnel. Singular pulls data from APIs, dashboards, email attachments and shared files on cloud services including ad networks, attribution providers, offline marketing channels, and user engagement platforms. Singular’s data matching handles limited reporting interfaces and utilises strong error correction and data enrichment algorithms to bring insights.

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