Who we are

Ripcord is accelerating digital transformation through robotics and intelligent records management. Enterprises across all industries and functions around the world have a paper problem. Ripcord is the first company that combines robotic digitisation, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle the paper problem with intelligent records management.

Our Advantage

Return on Investment: For decades, enterprises have relied on a multi-vendor process to store, digitise, index and access their records. Leveraging robotics and advanced software capabilities, Ripcord provides a single platform, enabling significant cost improvements, massive process efficiencies, and the ability to drive proficiency of your knowledge workforce to improve decisions and analysis of critical company data.

User Experience: Ripcord’s intelligent records management platform, Ripcord Canopy, provides a straight forward user experience that simplifies the complex functions existing within the platform. As customers gain access to more of their data, this information links together forming an ever growing “knowledge graph.” Artificial and Machine Learning models tap into the knowledge graph to uncover patterns which offer more efficient, predictable, and relevant search results. This data can be securely accessed at any time, and on any device. Business critical data can be automatically extracted and integrated into enterprise systems such as Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce via Ripcord’s API framework, thus supporting key operations within those critical enterprise applications.

What people are saying?

We generate millions of proof-of-delivery records annually and need to bill them quickly, Ripcord enables us to have this data in less than 7 days.

Dave M.
Fortune 500 Beverage Company.

Ripcord significantly reduced time to assess our customer’s Oil Well data from paper records, to make strategic decisions in 3 weeks vs. 6 months.

Bob L
Global Energy Consulting Company

How does our solution work?

Ripcord is the first company to introduce robotic digitisation with intelligent records management, allowing customers the ability to manage their data and to extend their information securely and at enterprise scale. The company’s digitisation platform was designed specifically for the purposes of enabling access to highly variable analogue and digital content.

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