Who We Are

Panviva is the world’s leading cloud knowledge management solution empowering businesses to share and collaborate company information by digitally transforming their workflow.

Our real–time solution provides role-specific, contextually relevant information to the end user enabling them to perform their job more effectively and efficiently and delivers 5 star service to their customers.

The Panviva platform delivers the exact knowledge your organisation needs, precisely when they need it, through the following: a centralized knowledge base, task-based content development authoring tools, digital orchestration of content for omnichannel delivery and integrated access to all customer facing connection points via intelligent APIs.

Our Advantage

Panviva is reinventing the omnichannel customer experience and empowering organisations to deliver real-time information to further boost client retention, loyalty and growth in today’s digital era. By providing just the right information as it’s needed, your organisation can move at speeds you didn’t think possible.

Only Panviva’s knowledge platform delivers seamless, consistent, personalised and on-demand information – irrespective of the channel or device used to communicate with a brand.

Key benefits

  • Reduced training time
  • Reduced speed to competency
  • Reduced compliance breached
  • Reduced need for support staff
  • Reduced time to find answers
  • Increased NPS
  • Increased team engagement
  • Increased content quality

Don't just take our word for it

We seek companies that provide innovative solutions. Implementing Panviva’s cloud-based knowledge management software enables AAA to provide just-in-time information for our call counselors.

Patricia Kleinfeldt Director, AAA National

How does our solution work?

Panviva’s step-by-step workflow guidance lets you re-invent outdated processes and procedures, give your people the tools and training to quickly master new skills and systems and applications and meet the constantly changing demands of today’s digital age.

The Panviva interface provides information based on users’ roles, where they are in the application, and what they need to know or do to proceed to the next step.

Panviva relies on three keys when delivering enterprise performance support: content. timing and efficiency.

The right answer is available every time empowering everyone in your business from your contact centre to your back office.

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