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Panviva SupportPoint is an application that’s designed to improve staff productivity and combat human process errors by providing moment-of-need, context-sensitive guidance to users. SupportPoint gives contact centre agents and back office employees step-by-step guidance so they can accurately and efficiently complete even the most complex task.

A powerful combination of business process and knowledge management – known as Business Process Guidance – SupportPoint acts like a GPS, determining your employee’s location in any task and guiding them through the process by delivering concise, up-to-date data and directions.

Our Advantage

SupportPoint can help your organisation to reduce task handling times and error rates, increase employee engagement and improve process and regulatory compliance.

Key benefits include:

Performance Improvement – employees don’t have to rely on their memory; SupportPoint guides them through tasks quickly and more efficiently.

Risk Mitigation – employees work consistently and accurately and comply with industry and government regulations, guided by up-to-date data and directions.

Speed to competency – new hires are guided by best practices from the start and learn on-the-job – removing the need for lengthy training.

Productivity Increase – powerful context-specific search functionality improves self-service lowering supervisor to staff ratios.

Cost Reduction – errors and reworking are eliminated as employees are prompted to follow the right process and use the right information for every step of a task – enabling an easily multi-skilled workforce and greater talent utilisation, reducing staffing needs without affecting service levels.

CX Advantage – employees work confidently even across multiple, complex systems and processes to accurately resolve customer enquiries, improving customer satisfaction and helping to create more loyal customers.

Knowledge from everyone, for anyone – content producers and authors do not need to be specialists; anyone can easily create, maintain and update process documentation without lengthy training – and the built-in review and approval mechanism ensures stringent control and auditing.

Higher employee engagement and satisfaction – employees can provide instant feedback to streamline steps or highlight missing information directly to content owners, significantly speeding up the refinement of processes, reducing employee frustration and increasing staff retention.

What people are saying?

We seek companies that provide innovative solutions. Implementing Panviva’s cloud-based knowledge management software enables AAA to provide just-in-time information for our call counselors.

Patricia Kleinfeldt, Director
AAA National

Our Partnership

With SupportPoint, Telstra has managed to reduce training by 50% and escalations in Service Operations by a whopping 80%.

How does our solution work?

Complete, turnkey, cloud-based solution. Online administration makes adding user seats, with no IT involvement required.

Content is mobile-ready and can be displayed on any HTML5 browser-enabled device.

The platform’s pre-built connectors make it easy to integrate SupportPoint with other products, such as SharePoint, Documentum, HL7, CMIS, MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, and other applications to SupportPoint’s Context Aware capabilities to streamline workflows.

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