Who we are

NS1 is an IaaS company that delivers intelligent domain name system (DNS) and traffic management. DNS is largely unseen by end users, but it is at the heart of the online services they use every day: every website visit, every online purchase, online gaming, music and videos.

Good DNS and traffic management ensures a high quality of experience – whether that is fast page load, fast bulk download or a smooth multimedia streaming experience. This, in turn, has a direct impact on new customer acquisition, customer retention and bottom line results.

When customers use the Internet to connect with a business, the vast majority of the time they are using a domain name to arrive at the website, mobile app, or other application. Essentially they ask a question to the Internet “where is www.example.com”. Businesses provide this answer to customers based upon how they have set up their DNS records.

DNS was developed in the early days of the Internet and whilst Internet technology has transformed over the years, standard DNS did not. With standard DNS, applications cannot detect service disruptions and will continue to provide users with a static answer – even if that answer leads to a server that is down or a less than optimal path to the requested content or application.

To avoid this problem and thus enhance the customer experience, organisations of all kinds need a modern DNS that improves the performance, efficiency and agility of their online services.

Our Advantage

Enhanced user experience – End users are more demanding than ever before. NS1 provides tools to optimise performance by routing users to better server options to access their content or applications.

Infrastructure efficiency – Managing bandwidth, content delivery and cloud resources is a growing challenge. NS1 gives organisations the tools and control they need to gain the cost
and performance benefits of working with multiple infrastructure providers.

Operational agility – The days of manually updating DNS zones and records are out of sync with the drive to automate application and infrastructure management. Built on an“API first” architecture, the NS1 service is fully integrated with the automation tools and SDKs that power modern DevOps environments.

What people are saying?

I’ve never seen another DNS service quite like NS1. I feel that their data-driven approach, combined with their incredible flexibility, makes them the next generation DNS host.

Alan Schaaf, CEO

How does our solution work?

Powerful Filter Chain technology, NS1 automatically leverages real-time user, network, infrastructure and application telemetry to send customers to the optimal end point, improving customer experience.
When NS1 receives a DNS query, all potential answers to the query are looked up – Within microseconds, answers are passed through a “chain” of filters, each performing a simple operation on the list of answers.

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