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Kony is a multi-edge enterprise application platform that allows easy delivery of rich mobile apps to your customers or employees. ‘Write once, run everywhere’ technology makes deployment a breeze.

With Kony, you can design, build, deploy and manage innovative apps across multiple devices, across all major operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows) and multiple deployment modes (HTML 5, mobile web and native).

Each product in the Kony suite is feature-rich and standalone, but achieves maximum value and potential with full SDLC adoption. Kony also offers pre-built apps that make it easy to get your mobile strategy up and running.

Our Advantage

Kony saves time and reduce costs. App development and support costs reduced as Kony provides developers with the ability to build an app once (with a single JavaScript code base) and quickly deliver it across multiple devices, operating systems and deployment modes without the need for special knowledge of operating systems Shorten time to market to configure, extend, customise and deploy apps more quickly.

Increase productivity with Cloud-based collaboration capabilities make it easy for designers, developers and business users to collaborate and receive feedback in near real-time, accelerating development timeframes and increasing productivity.

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How Kony works: Deep dive for the technically minded

Our Partnership

Telstra created an ‘HR App’to improve staff interactions and increase efficiency when completing payroll and administrative tasks.

Using Kony also helped Telstra reduce time taken to integrate the app with back end systems by 40%.

How does our solution work?

Whatever your starting point – a single-channel app or an enterprise-wide mobile strategy – Kony provides you with the framework, process, and flexibility to do what you need today while preparing for what you may need in the future.

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