Who We Are

Incorta is a provider of Enterprise Analytics Software offering real time aggregation of large complex business data, without the need for a data warehouse. Through its purpose built Direct Data Mapping platform, Incorta help companies stay ahead of the accelerating rate, volume, and complexity of modern enterprise data.

Incorta is built with open standards and integrates with cloud-friendly tools and platforms, making consolidating data in the cloud and extracting meaningful insights easier. All data sources are continuously available for analytics, helping data engineers, scientists, business analysts, and machine learning algorithms make more accurate, timely, and transparent decisions.

Our Advantage

Incorta is the only unified data analytics platform providing a true self-service data experience.

Key benefits

  • Ingest your entire source schema directly into the platform bypassing the need for the traditional data model design
  • Run multiple direct data loaders in parallel to enjoy full and incremental data updates, in real-time
  • Perform hundreds of joins on the most complex data consisting of billions of records reducing response times from hours to seconds
  • Drill aggregated KPIs from top line, to supporting transaction records in a single click with dynamic, user defined drill paths and hierarchies
  • Retain application-level security parameters, including row-level security for data access

Don't just take our word for it

It used to take 8 to 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. With Incorta, business users can do that on their own, instantaneously.


The best money I’ve ever spent.

Josh Miller VP of Supply Chain Shutterfly

How does our solution work?

Data from a variety of sources including applications, databases, streams, and files are brought together, processed, and delivered to any kind of user.

The platform doesn’t require the data to be reshaped and aggregated . It is able to analyse complex, full-fidelity business data in real-time. This means a single repository of data, and a single source of truth for multiple workloads including business intelligence, analytics and machine learning. It also means incredibly fast performance whether you are using Incorta’s native tools, using various 3rd party, or you are doing data science inside of a Spark notebook.

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