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Until now, analyzing large volumes of complex business data spanning ERP, cloud applications and other business systems required the construction of a costly, time-consuming data warehouse. And the only way to normalize the data from these multiple sources, understand their relationships and perform analytics at scale was via a star-schema.

But not anymore. With Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine, you get real-time aggregation of large, complex business data without needing a data warehouse.

Our Advantage

Ingest your entire source schema directly into the platform and bypass the need for the traditional data model design.

Run multiple direct data loaders in parallel to enjoy full and incremental data updates, all in real-time.

Perform hundreds of joins on the most complex data consisting of billions of records and reduce response times from hours to seconds.

Drill from top line, aggregated KPIs to supporting transaction records in a single click with dynamic, user defined drill paths and hierarchies.

Retain all application-level security parameters, including row-level security for data access—the only analytics platform to do so.

What people are saying?

It used to take 8 to 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. With Incorta, business users can do that on their own, instantaneously.

Ajit Oak

The best money I’ve ever spent.

Josh Miller, VP of Supply Chain

How does our solution work?

To analyze large volumes of complex business data has required investment in costly, time-consuming data warehouses. Even then, the data analyzed is oftentimes a day or more old. Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine opens the door to a more powerful approach to enterprise analytics —eliminating the data warehouse altogether— encouraging users to dig into and analyze data on their own.

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