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Gorilla has three key offerings, as detailed below:

Smart Enterprise (Security and safety service)

Monitor building access points with minimal human staffing, improve the safety of your customers and employees, and strengthen the security of physical assets with Gorilla’s intelligent video surveillance.

Gorilla’s smart building access control system includes double authentication for people management, car plate identification for park space management, and advanced video search and people tracking for locating suspects/targets.

Gorilla’s solutions can be integrated with network surveillance to help with the protection of intellectual property, and provide a way to correlate illegal online activity with detectable real-world behavior.

Gorilla Smart Enterprise is currently available as a managed service running on a private cloud.

Gorilla Smart Enterprise is currently available as a managed service running on a private cloud.

Smart Retail

Gorilla Smart Retail provides actionable business intelligence to help retail business optimise sales performance, enhancing the intelligence required to serve customers better and deliver more precise and effective marketing.

With Gorilla Smart Retail, you can:

  • Identify store hotspots, check traffic floors in and out, review customer visits for times of the day and days of the week
  • Correlate with POS and CRM data to build more comprehensive information about customers and their purchasing interests

Gorilla Connected Workspace

Gorilla Connected Workspace (CWS) is a production collaboration platform for distributed video. CWS is Gorilla’s media asset management virtual work environment for cross-platform media creation. Users can create and share media so clients can export, view, and retrieve content faster than before. In essence, CWS is about letting others know what content you have, with a highly efficient way to locate and transfer it for editing or publishing (via third party systems).

Today the CWS platform is housed on Amazon’s AWS, supporting media projects starting at a minimum of three months. Subscription length and scale can be upgraded as your video business grows.

As a private cloud service, CWS can be deployed to an IDC or on-premises facility of your choosing.

Our Advantage

Smart Enterprise

Collect actionable Big Data by retaining all activities that impact your organisation, whether used for knowledge management, legal compliance or risk management.

Convert Big Data into a human readable form by transforming unstructured video (and network content) into structured data ready for Big Data Analytics.

Extract security or business intelligence for your business by linking all pieces of video (and correlating it with network intelligence) to form a complete picture that enables you to take action.

Smart Retail

Store Analytics and Targeted Advertising Services
enables you to make better decisions about improving store layout, product positioning, and placement of in-store advertising.

Make A/B comparisons between the performance of the same store at different times or different stores over the same time.

Access the information you need from a single dashboard, or output data for reporting to others

Loss Prevention Services (Extension)

  • Reduce risk from theft and intrusion through more stringent access control and entry/exit monitoring
  • Strengthen security protocols and improve speed of response through advanced video technologies
  • Faster correlation of time, location, car, and other information for quicker evidence gathering and response

Employee Training (Extension)

Provide 24/7 access to training content and corporate information, advertising and product information, available on employees’ own BYO devices

Gorilla Connected Workspace: 

  • Ultra-efficient distributed content management
  • Optimise your global media workflows
  • Manage content under one roof
  • Own a system without the hassle of maintaining a system
  • Share and collaborate with the click of a mouse

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How does our solution work?

A Snapshot: Gorilla is integrated within a building’s access systems, and security staff will receive automated notification of any denied access alerts. Security managers or administrators log into the system to register new employees/customers to the white-list database. They can also log into the system to perform search requests as part of ‘person location’ video searches.

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