Who we are

DocuSign is a leading eSignature and digital transaction management solution that is delighting customers across many industries globally. DocuSign can solve your organisation’s paper problems and bring inefficient manual processes into a digital future. DocuSign also accelerates transaction times, helping to deliver results more quickly, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and delight customers.

Our Advantage

No more paper, fax, shipping and re-keying errors. DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform manages each aspect of every transaction – from preparing and sending documents to signing and managing them.

DocuSign lets you prepare documents, sign and get business done anytime, when you’re on the go on your compatible device. You can even prepare documents offline via the DocuSign mobile app and have them sync when you are back online. You can even send documents in bulk and include calculated and conditional form fields, cutting down on manual steps and repetitive actions.

DocuSign helps you save time and money by removing slow, error-prone paper-based processes, and delays from missing signatures, while also removing high printing, faxing and courier costs. DocuSign allows you to maintain control and visibility over various aspects of the transaction – who can see which document, when and who can sign. Set up reusable templates so everyone in your company can access up to date documents and transaction procedures. Central document storage and reporting makes it easy to keep tabs on everything going on.

With DocuSign, your documents, data and customer information are kept private and secure. DocuSign electronic signatures contain multilayered verification and built-in tamper proof security that can be fully tracked and audited. DocuSign data security is globally recognised with ISO 27001 certification and also offers third party, cloud-based digital certificate and time-stamping integration for companies doing business in Europe, through a partnership with OpenTrust.

In a business culture that’s grown to expect immediacy, DocuSign may represent the biggest improvement to customer experience of any technology today. By reducing the time and hassle to open an account and acquire your products, DocuSign delivers a ‘wow’ factor to your customers. In the not-too-distant future, many processes will be initiated from mobile devices and digital transaction management will be considered standard protocol.

What people are saying?

Download a free copy of a Forrester Report that analyses the digital transaction management market segment.


Our Partnership

Telstra uses DocuSign for electronic signature and digital content management across ten key business units. The solution has translated into a 90% reduction in document turnaround time, $32 average savings per document and a 50% uplift in customer advocacy. Risk has also been reduced through centralised and encrypted contract information across field teams, sales force, back office and supply chain.

How does our solution work?

DocuSign initially auto-generates an eSignature based on the recipient’s name and profile. The recipient can change this signature by opting to select a preferred signature style, either sign by hand or uploading a signature image. For mobile devices, the recipient can also choose to photograph their signature with the built-in camera. Each eSignature is unique, documentable, encrypted and tamper-evident.

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