Who we are

Cofense is the leading provider of phishing threat management for organisations concerned about human susceptibility and response to advanced targeted attacks. Cofense’s intelligence-driven solutions empower employees to be an active line of defence and source of attack intelligence by enabling them to identify, report, and mitigate spear phishing, malware, and drive-by threats.

Our Advantage

Focused customer experience
Cofense is focused on client success and implements market-leading content, support, and success programs to ensure customers have the most effective program in place. From consultative services to interactive content, Cofense focuses on customer experience and engagement.

Dedicated service
Cofense’s content team creates engaging, interactive content from video to PDF and provides valuable on-the-spot training. Cofense boasts a 95% client retention rate due to superior service and support.

Targeted response
Cofense helps customers find real threats as they happen. The fully integrated product suite of Simulator, Reporter, Triage, and Intelligence delivers a comprehensive program. Conditioned employees report suspicious emails which are then quickly processed in Triage and vetted against external threats – the process is full circle for the best possible protection and integrates easily with other upstream security solutions to support security operations and incident response.

What people are saying?

Download a free copy of a Forrester Research study, where executives from five Cofense clients were interviewed to estimate the economic impact that Cofense products had on
their organisation.

Forrester Consulting

Our Partnership

Telstra is currently using the full suite of Cofense Products. Simulator is being used to send out simulated Phishing emails to help train and change employees behaviour. Reporter is deployed on all company Outlook installations. Emails that are reported are then processed by the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team in Melbourne using Triage.

How does our solution work?

Cofense phishing incident response platform and phishing threat intelligence enables Security Operation Centres to respond faster to real threats, decreasing the risk of data breaches.

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