Who we are

Cloopen is the first and the largest cloud communications platform and service provider in China. Providing cloud based communication solutions and networking services, including application programming interface (API) functionality such as voice-text inter conversion, interactive voice response (IVR), and SMS, and an integrated software development kit (SDK) for developers.

Our Advantage

Through packaging professional communications capabilities as API access and SDK, Cloopen has dramatically lowered communications services’ user thresholds for businesses and developers. Over 20 professional communications capabilities can be used by app and web clients and enterprise systems, including SMS/voice verification codes, voice notification intelligent interactive voice response, voice talkback/conferencing, video calls/ conferencing, etc. These capabilities can increase development and usage rates to quickly implement the five main functions of SMS/intelligent calling, telephone calls, mobile instant messaging, and meetings. We are dedicated to making communication become a fundamental internet service.

What people are saying?

Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneur among Chinese Enterprises for Internet Communications Services.

Sun Won, Manager

How does our solution work?

  • Lower cost. With cloud communications, our clients can save over 70 percent in communications service cost.
  • Faster install. When communications capabilities support APR and SDK mode, it’s easy to fully interconnect with Cloopen’s cloud communications platform.
  • Easy management. One button for adjustment.

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