Who we are

AttackIQ is driving the emerging market of continuous security validation and has built a platform that enables organisations to test and measure the effectiveness of their security posture. The FireDrill platform allows organisations to answer a simple and straightforward question:

“How well are your current security tools, products and processes working?”

Delivering enterprise-class Security as a Service (SaaS) to mid-market and large organisations, FireDrill is set to change the security landscape.

Our Advantage

AtackIQ has created the industry’s first live IT accountability platform that continuously challenges your security assumptions, providing quantifiable metrics that improve the ability to accurately protect, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats.

FireDrill is the safe, automated way to test and validate your live IT security infrastructure against known and anticipated cyberattacks. Diagnostic visual reporting provides clear, data-driven assurance that your products and processes are working effectively.

The average enterprise has countless distinct security technologies working together in its own unique combination. Security testing of products, processes, and people has historically been piecemeal, fragmented, and inconsistent, making it nearly impossible and very time consuming to generate reliable test results, especially since network configurations are constantly changing.

FireDrill tests your security solutions for weaknesses and tells you whether they are working properly and providing an effective return on investment.


  • FireDrill offers a wide array of beneficial uses:
    Ensure data-driven decision-making around security metrics
  • Deploy and configure new and existing solutions
    with confidence
  • Find gaps in your defences before attackers do
  • Quantify the impact of a particular type of data breach
  • Capture organisational best practices and expertise
  • Leverage the collective security expertise of a global community of information security professionals
  • Perform continuous automated testing as your network changes and evolves
  • Compare current security posture against historical baselines, looking for anomalies
  • Baseline current security maturity level for
    targeted improvements

What people are saying?

AttackIQ’s FireDrill technology maximises a security team’s responsiveness by going further than the traditional tabletop exercise or red team.

Ryan McGeehan, Former Director
Facebook Security

FireDrill provides a baseline of truth into the security controls and cybersecurity suite we have deployed.. to prove the funds spent on our SOC.

Gary Hayslip
CISO City of San Diego

How does our solution work?

FireDrill mimics real-world attacks and safely conducts test attacks and security validation scenarios on active, dynamic environments. Continuous, automated network stress-testing assures that your deployed solutions are protecting as you intended. Whenever gaps are detected in security workflow processes or malfunctions are identified in specific products, FireDrill offers best practice mitigation recommendations.

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