Mark Sherman

Managing Director

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Many lessons have guided Mark’s successful career — but most predominantly may be the belief to play the long game. That’s why he held two jobs seemingly worlds apart, assembling barges and working at an investment firm, during college to afford a good education and eventually make his way to Wall Street.

That focus took him on an incredible trajectory from boy scout to collegiate rowing athlete, to working in Silicon Valley. But he’s not the only one who has seen a meteoric rise, thanks to his hard work, so too have the companies he’s backed — such as Airspace, BigCommerce, Boomtown, Box, Cohere, Cumulus, DocuSign, Elemental, Matrixx, Near, NS1, Singular, Skillz, Springboard, Uhana, Zimperium.

And when he’s not helping grow businesses into household names, he’s scratching off countries — on his quest to visit 100, he’s only got 35 to go.

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