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Marcus was part of the founding team for Telstra Ventures. Marcus believes that the key to success in life and investing is being humble, immersing yourself in new places, new cultures and new ideas to expand your perspective, and then bring this to bare to help others achieve their extraordinary future.

His approach has led him investments in companies such as Crowdstrike, Auth0, Anomali, Cequence, CloudKnox, Cohere, Cofense, Corvus Insurance,, CyberGRX, Dimmi, Elastica, ipSCAPE, Headspin, Matrixx, reThought Insurance, vArmour, and Zimperium.

When he is not partnering with entrepreneurs who are shaping tomorrow’s world, he loves spending time shaping his next surfboard, being with his family and friends, mountain biking, skiing and traveling as much as he can.

Marcus Bartram, Thought Leader

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In Conversation Series: Cybersecurity – Cloud First and Customer Focused

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Nefarious actors are trying to disrupt my business – what do I do about it?  

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In Conversation Series: Nefarious Actors Want to Disrupt your Business