Elaine Pan

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Elaine has long been influenced by her mother, who weathered the SARS outbreak and the WenChuan earthquake, helping emergency patients. It taught her how to keep calm in high-pressure situations and use a strong discipline to make fair judgments — which has served her well throughout her career. Her parents influenced her yet again, when she saw first-hand how technology was booming in China years ago, watching her parents, who are typically more tech-averse, become the first generation of doctors in China to operate medical surgeries with robotic assisted systems. It inspired Elaine to get back to her roots, where she now heads up the Chinese investments for Telstra Ventures, with a focus on data automation, enterprise/infrastructure and the decentralized consumer internet building block. It also brought her back closer to her love of traditional Chinese music. If she’s not listening to it, you can likely find her playing it — she taught herself how to play five instruments in 12 years, including the classic PIPA.