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Media Coverage

The crypto industry has seen depressed valuations so you can pick up some interesting assets, says Telstra’s Patel

Yash Patel, Telstra Ventures general partner, joins ‘TechCheck’ to discuss FTX’s reported deal to acquire BlockFi and what it means for the crypto industry.

By CNBC July 1, 2022
Media Coverage

What next for tech? VC investment levels offer some clues

A poll of Australia’s biggest technology start-up investors has found funding levels in the first half of this year have largely matched the same period in 2021, despite fears of a tech wreck, but the good times are unlikely to last. With numerous warnings about the US tech wreck reaching Australian shores, and reports of…

By The Australian Financial Review June 28, 2022
Media Coverage

Telstra Ventures And Data Science-Driven Investing

What possessed the leaders of Telstra Ventures to stop using only their gut and spreadsheets? They had something of an epiphany in 2017: if the firm believed that data science capabilities were important in the companies in its portfolio, why wasn’t it using those capabilities in its own decision-making?

By Forbes June 13, 2022
Media Coverage

How Telstra Ventures uses data science to improve venture capital investing

The venture capital industry has played a vital role in rapidly growing, cutting-edge technologies. Yet, it has been a laggard when it comes to adopting new technology itself. About five years ago, Mark Sherman, managing director at Telstra Ventures, set out to change that by building up his data science team.

By Venture Beat May 6, 2022