19 Aug 2021

Latest episode of The Path – “Believe In Your Insane Vision”

Telstra Ventures

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In this episode of The Path, Gup Ghuliani, Telstra Ventures’ Operations Partner, and Asad Khan, co-founder, and CEO of LambdaTest, discuss the role of the CEO, the importance of stories, business culture and harnessing an insane vision.  


“My job is to sell the stories. Sell to the people, sell to the customers and then sell to the investors. The founder has to become a fantastic storyteller.”


According to Asad the biggest challenge facing the CEO is communication and hiring the right people. “People define the processes and culture within your organization while communication via storytelling brings employees, customers and investors together.”


Listen to Asad discuss product focus, local partnerships and why the world is flat thanks to the cloud.


Watch the episode and catch up with our previous episodes on our YouTube channel.